SetOps Documentation #

SetOps is your infrastructure but without the engineers. Run your web applications in production – hassle-free, highly available, and cost-efficient. SetOps supports the full lifecycle of your stateful application from deployment to monitoring and backup.


Cloud and container orchestration, setting up load balancers and TLS certificates is not your thing? SetOps provides a resource definition schema to easily describe what kind of environment your app needs. You’ll set this up once and SetOps will take care of the heavy lifting. We provide an easy-to-use interface that software engineers will actually like


Being paged in the middle of the night because your app server is suffering a catastrophic out-of-memory event is so 2015. With modern cloud technology, we built a highly available and self-healing infrastructure that is capable of recovering from most faults without human intervention. It is because of our common app resource definition, we can provide a clear interface of what you need to provide for an app to run reliably.

Ready for Prime-Time

When you first think about it, app deployment sounds easy: start a bunch of containers and your app is ready to be used. But then you’ll think about reliability, debugging, monitoring, TLS certificates, and backup and it soon becomes more complicated. SetOps includes all necessary bolts to run apps in production and be proud of it.