Apps #

💡 You can replace the default values of the commands for PROJECT, STAGE and APPNAME in the form on the right side! A standard pattern might be myproject, production and web (see concepts).

An App is a task that the SetOps platform runs. A stage may have many Apps. Apps are always assumed to be long-running. Each of these containers are called a Task. For example, web applications will usually have a task named web for the application server, and possibly a task named job for running background jobs. Apps are assumed to be stateless – they persist user data by accessing services.

Let’s create an app named <APPNAME> on the stage <STAGE> with app:create <APPNAME>:

setops -p <PROJECT> -s <STAGE> app:create <APPNAME>
The name for apps must only contain lowercase letters a-z and numbers 0-9 and dashes -. The name must be between 3 and 16 characters long and start with a lowercase letter.

Note that your new app <APPNAME> doesn’t show up when you run app:

setops -p <PROJECT> -s <STAGE> app
| NAME |

The reason for this is that the app:create command did not change anything immediately. It was added to your current Changeset instead. Commands such as app or info always display the view of your stage the last time anyone successfully committed a changeset.

Run setops -p <PROJECT> -s <STAGE> changeset:commit to commit the Changeset.

Read more on Changesets here.

Configuration Overview #

An App can be configured with the following parameters. Newly created Apps are initialized with the indicated defaults.

These parameters are grouped into the following configuration topics:

  • container
  • network
  • resources
  • env
  • domains
Command Subcommand Valid Values Default Description
Command set, unset bash command string [] Command that is used to start the App, e.g. bundle exec rails server
Entrypoint set, unset bash command string [] Defines the entrypoint that is used for the evaluation of commands e.g. /bin/sh -c
Container Health Check set, unset see paragraph - Defines how the health of the App will be checked.
Protocol set http, tcp http Determines the protocol that is used to connect to the App.
Public set true, false false Defines if the App is publicly accessible.
Port set 1..65535 5000 Defines a custom port the application listens to internally.
Network Health Check set, unset see paragraph - Defines how the health of the App will be checked.
CPU set see paragraph 128 Assigns the amount of vCPU units (1024 = 1 vCPU) to an App.
Memory set see paragraph 256 Assigns the memory size (megabytes) to an App.
Scale set 0..16 1 Defines how many instances of the App should be created.
ENVs set, unset, show key=value [] Allows to define, modify and delete Environment Variables for an App.
Domains create, destroy see paragraph - Allows the configuration of custom domains.

To perform these configurations, you can refer to the following sections.

Please note, that, like the creation of an App, also changes in the configuration of an App are added to a changeset and have to be committed in order to become live. You will not be able to see your changes e.g. in app:info <APPNAME> directly unless you commit them with changeset:commit.
Example Workflow
# Example: Add a command to an existing app

# Set a command to an existing app
setops -p <PROJECT> -s <STAGE> --app <APPNAME> container:set command -- bundle exec puma -b tcp://
Name:      <APPNAME>
Command:   [bundle exec puma -b tcp://]

# app:info does not list the change yet, since they are not committed
setops -p <PROJECT> -s <STAGE> app:info <APPNAME>
Name:      <APPNAME>
Command:   []

# Commit the current changeset
setops -p <PROJECT> -s <STAGE> changeset:commit

# Now app:info shows the changes made
setops -p <PROJECT> -s <STAGE> app:info <APPNAME>
Name:      <APPNAME>
Command:   [bundle exec puma -b tcp://]

You can always display the present configuration of your App by running app:info <APPNAME>:

setops -p <PROJECT> -s <STAGE> app:info <APPNAME>
Name:       <APPNAME>
Command:    [bundle exec rackup --host --port 5000]
Scale:      1
Protocol:   http
Private:    false
Health Check:
-- Command:         [curl -f http://localhost]
-- Interval:        10
-- Timeout:         10
-- Retries:          5
-- Start Period:    15
-- CPU:      256
-- Memory:   512
-- RACK_ENV   production                 (The Rack environment)
-- WHO_AM_I   parkscheibe/statging/web   (Project/Environment/App)
| | true    | false     |
|     | false   | false     |
Active Release: 1


   ACTIVE 1 / 1 running tasks (0 pending)


   ID                                 Release   Last Status   Health Status   Started At             Stopped At
   5b01a0618f294c4ea3de397f7db6c642   1         RUNNING       UNKNOWN         2020-10-13T09:49:51Z   -

Going further #

Configure Container Settings for your new App.